Ad-supported TV Streaming Service

Our customer is a cutting-edge free ad-supported online television service from California that offers an exclusive TV service provider portal that runs seamlessly using web and mobile apps, multiple connected TV streaming devices, and smart televisions.


A previous bad experience working with another poorly skilled dedicated team nudged the customer to seek a more reliable and experienced company that could offer a senior level of services.

They hired us as a new offshore software solution partner to achieve their primary goal:

– Extend their in-house software development capacity with an external Agile team.

This challenge, led to the need to complete the following strategic tasks:

  1. Streamline, modernize and advanced all customer’s software;
  2. Migrate to Microservices architecture;
  3. Develop new functionality for iOS and Android apps;
  4. Increase viewer availability of services by launching them internationally;
  5. Scale the monetization algorithms with an internally developed analytical tool;
  6. Integrate customer’s software with Viacom’s backend.



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    Lambda, EC2, S3, CloudFront, SQS, SNS; JavaScript, ES 5/6, NodeJS, ReactJS, Express, Redis, TypeScript; MongoDB

  • Team Structure:
    Frontend and Backend developers; QA engineers; Project Manager; BA
  • Customer:

    A company from USA

  • PDF: