Analytics Management Software

Founded in 2005, Aginity is one of the leading analytics management service providers located in the United States. The platform provides a collaborative coding experience with a unique active analytics catalog that empowers data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists to find, manage, govern, share and re-use analytic logic. The product helps to reduce the amount of time analysts spend re-writing analytic code that already exists or trying to debug inconsistent and conflicting metrics.


Aginity wanted to transfer their team from a previous outsourcing development vendor and boost in-house software development capacity by expanding their Dedicated Agile Team with additional engineers who will take over the full-cycle development of their product. They needed a vendor who would provide the whole infrastructure, HR management, and the means for the high-performance work of a big Dedicated Team.

We had to complete the following technical tasks:

  1. Develop a paid product that would help teams produce more consistent analytic results faster in an intuitive and familiar analytic coding experience that allowed them to govern. reuse, and share their across their colleagues.
  2. Give the platform the ability to integrate with any client warehouse like Snowflake or RedShift.
  3. Ensure that the deployment process is flexible to run on main clouds like AWS, Azure, or Google.
  4. Develop a fully functional, free version of the product that would help individual professionals attract new clients.



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    Java and Scala (back-end); TypeScript, JavaScript, React (web app front-end); Docker Swarm and Kubernetes (container services); Apache Spark (the main execution engine for data processing)

  • Team Structure:
    Senior and mid-level backend and frontend developers, QA engineers, Project Manager
  • Customer:

    Aginity, USA

  • PDF: