B2B Real Estate Web Portal

Our customer is an American real estate agency that provides an exclusive web portal in the New York City area with more than 1.3k B2B clients and 2k real estate brokers. It’s a subscription-based solution with an average number of daily visits between 15-20k (peak value was 35k users).


  1. Over the course of 27 years, the customer had often switched vendors and worked with many remote Dedicated Teams from China, Vietnam, India and Russia, who developed their portal. The biggest challenge for us was to expand the client’s in-house capacity with our remote Dedicated Team of senior engineers, who would be responsible for cleaning up more than a million lines of old legacy code and transferring the project from old technologies to modern ones.
  2. The customer had never had a project manager before, and because of this the development process was overloaded with problems. We had to push this issue upfront and prove that such a project required a single contact person, who could explain to the customer what was going on with the project and where it was headed in the nearest future.

 Brightgrove had to accomplish the following goals:

  • Set up a consistent and stable Agile Scrum development process
  • Boost the performance of both the in-house and Dedicated teams
  • Take care of the technical debt accumulated by previous vendors
  • Improve the overall quality of the code as the customer had no QA engineers
  • Fix the product’s security issues
  • Assign the dedicated Product Owner to reduce the workload of customer’s Product Owner
  • Upgrade the portal with new functionality and further improvements



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    .NET Core (C#), Angular 4, React, Node.js, MS SQL Server, Less, WebForms, WCF, NHibernate, Telerik, Elastic Search, Amazon Web services

  • Team Structure:
    Senior frontend and backend developers, QA engineers, Project Manager, Product Owner, UX/UI designers
  • Customer:

    Real estate agency from NYC, USA

  • PDF: