Baggage Handling Automation

Our customer is an Eastern European airport, one of the busiest in the world. The customer operates 24/7 serving millions of passengers annually. To grow its infrastructure further by accommodating more planes and clients the airport decided to add a new terminal Among other things, the development of this terminal required the installation of a business critical, up to date baggage handling system.

The airport’s team requested their partner, a leading German manufacturer of control systems, to install a baggage handling system The installation of this system required re coding of the programmable logic controllers (which provide the core automation algorithms for the system. Consequently, the customer partnered with Brightgrove to get this task done.


  1. Our partner requested to develop custom automation modules based on PLC technology, which led to the need to assemble a Dedicated Team with a highly particular, narrow oriented skill set.
  2. The modules had to ensure reliability and uninterrupted operation of the baggage handling system and help to accommodate increased baggage loads.
  3. The customer made it clear from the start that it wouldn’t be possible to test the modules under full baggage loads given the nature of the system.
  4. Also, the modules had to be completed within a strict deadline, in time for the new terminal’s launch.
  5. Additionally, Brightgrove had to establish a stable and effective communication, development, and quality assurance processes



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    C, WinCC, SIMATIC programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

  • Team Structure:
    Senior WinCC Engineers
  • Customer:

    An Eastern European airport

  • PDF: