Drainage Appliances Monitoring System

Based in Germany our customer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of indoor and outdoor drainage appliances Their product line includes a wide range of backwater valves lifting stations, separators, small sewage treatment plants, and more.

Originally, the subcontractor plumbers repaired the appliances, providing 24/7 support. As soon as engineers at a facility that used the devices detected the malfunction, the plumbers assigned appropriate workers for fixing and maintenance. But our customer noticed that the existing approach to handling incidents did not ensure a fast response.

So, the customer identified the risk of delayed responses and saw the need for an up to date tech solution an automatic hardware monitoring and alarm system that will solve the problem of response time.


Brightgrove became the customer’s nearshore development vendor with the goal to build a cloud based monitoring system and integrate it with the customer’s devices.

After we’ve investigated the project requirements, our Dedicated Team identified the following challenges:

  1. We had to develop a production ready monitoring and alarm based notification solution with web based server side component, iOS and Android mobile apps, and embedded appliance software.
  2. The system was to identify possible problems automatically and immediately notify the appropriate personnel.
  3. A need to clarify and structure business logic and processes, supported by the system.
  4. Establish stable and effective communication, development, and quality assurance processes.



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    Java, Android, iOS, HTML, JavaScript, Apache Kafka, MongoDB, Amazon Cloud, Docker

  • Team Structure:
    Senior IoT, Cloud, Mobile, and Web developers
  • Customer:

    A company from Germany

  • PDF: