GPS-Enabled Fleet Management Software

Synovia Solutions develops high-quality fleet management software that helps to improve the safety of vehicles and passengers and make GPS tracking more affordable by eliminating up-front costs for new clients. Our customer’s product provides the robust monitoring of virtually every aspect of vehicle and driver activity in real time, along with comprehensive historical reports.


Synovia was looking for an outsourcing development vendor with a rapid Recruitment Department. Since our customer’s location is Indianapolis, USA (GMT -4) and Brightgrove’s team is in Kharkiv, Ukraine (GMT+3), the challenge was to set up an effective both ways communication process and establish a seamless quality assurance process that would correspond with Synovia’s in-house development flow.

As the new outsourcing development vendor, Brightgrove was tasked with the following:

  1. Create an uninterrupted Agile Scrum flow of mature QA services to test all of the customer’s solutions – UI, front, and backend and mobile (iOS, Android).
  2. Ensure that all software works stably and adequately, following strict security policies.
  3. Establish a regular monitoring process with in-depth checking of the whole system to make sure that the data is transmitted and stored on the backend side continuously.



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    MongoDB Compass, Robo 3T, RDCM, Redis, Microsoft SSMS and Visual Studio, Datadog, Kibana, RabbitMQ, Postman, Octopus Deploy, MobaXTerm, Docker Portainer

  • Team Structure:
    QA manual and automation engineers
  • Customer:
  • PDF: