Identity Verification Mobile Apps

identity.TM is a leading tech corporation that develops and implements customer-oriented regional and nationwide B2B and B2C know-your-client (KYC) strategies and identity management software solutions for safe and secure identification of natural persons and corporations in accordance with all legal and data protection act requirements. The services of identity.TM are certified to the highest standards available.


The customer needed a reliable outsourcing vendor capable of setting up a remote team to build their apps based on the highest security standards and ease of use. Our customer’s biggest concern was that there would be effective communication with our Dedicated Team.

They required a seamless development flow and the best talents to handle the creation of their new iOS and Android apps and support of the existing products. The most challenging part was that the apps had to be created blindly as we didn’t have the necessary equipment for verification of German documents.

Brightgrove’s Dedicated Team faced the following technical tasks:

  1. Clean up the legacy code and take over the mobile development cycle in compliance with German laws.
  2. Provide continuous development and integration of the brand-new highly secure iOS and Android apps that increase conversion rates in all possible industries from e-commerce and finance to insurance and online gaming or age verification.
  3. Develop new features and support the existing system based on the customer’s packaged SDKs.



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    Java, Gradle 5, AndroidX, RxJava 2, OpenCard Framework, Microblink, OpenTok; Objective-C

  • Team Structure:
    Android and iOS developers
  • Customer:
  • PDF: