iOS App for Data Capturing and Electronic Documents Filling

Our customer is a German company that provides mobile and enterprise solutions in the fields of electronic documents management and form automation systems. The customer offers various products that simplify and organize paperless document management and data capturing.

One of these products is a comprehensive system, which covers all stages of data capturing and processing activities. Its separate set of features is particularly suited for capturing various data of business processes, executed within manufacturing companies.


After the initial investigation of requirements specification provided by our customer, Brightgrove’s Dedicated Team identified the following challenges:

  1. Absence of both business and technical documentation for existing document management system, metadata formats, and communication protocols.
  2. Necessity to rely on the existing formats of metadata for electronic documents and communication protocols, which didn’t fit the specifics of mobile device and its UI.
  3. The solution also includes functionality which generates metadata from properly prepared PDF document, and due to the automatic process of metadata creation, this applies additional limitation and challenges to metadata processing.
  4. A need to comprehend business logic and processes, supported by the system.
  5. Lack of technological solutions that might have been used for the creation of a highly customizable metadata-driven user interface (UI) for iOS platform which mimics paper forms.

An additional challenge for Brightgrove was establishing a stable and effective communication, development, and quality assurance processes.



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    Objective-C, iOS SDK, UiKit, CSS, XML, WSDL, SOAP, HTTP

  • Team Structure:
    Senior iOS developers
  • Customer:

    A company from Germany

  • PDF: