IoT App for AI True Wireless Earphones

BRAGI is an award-winning  innovative tech startup that develops one-of-a-kind AI true wireless earphones  called The Dash Pro. The earphones enable users to  track their running, cycling, swimming, and health parameters by connecting to an  Android or iOS phone. Users can easily interact with Siri, Google Assistant, or  Amazon Alexa via The Dash Pro.


As BRAGI had no prior experience of working with the Dedicated Development Team business model, the biggest challenges were to set up an effective two-way  communication process, to establish seamless development flow, and to assemble  the best possible talents under Brightgrove’s roof. The primary goal of our  customer was to find a vendor who could hire and onboard senior engineers with  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) expertise in an extremely short time to take over the  Android app development as soon as possible.

Along with these challenges, Brightgrove’s team had to complete the following  technical tasks to meet BRAGI’s goals, without having the hardware prototypes on-site in our office due to security measures that protect the  customer’s hardware as a trade secret:

  1. Create a new software development kit (SDK) for the second generation of the customer’s hardware.
  2. Develop a new minimum viable product (MVP) version of the existing Android app and modernize it with new features and functionality, following the Kanban methodology.
  3. Deploy a stable, optimized, and user-friendly Android app in compliance with a deadline.
  4. Provide the necessary quality assurance services, following strict security  policies.



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    Native Android, IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy, Cucumber

  • Team Structure:
    Android developers, QA engineers
  • Customer:

    BRAGI GmbH, Germany

  • PDF: