IoT-Enabled Connected Tools

Based in Germany, our customer is one of the largest multinational engineering and electronics company. It’s the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive components, industrial and building products, and tools. Recognizing the tremendous business opportunities that the Internet of Things (IoT) presents, the customer decided to transform certain categories of their industrial products (drills, angle grinders, and floodlights) into smart, connected devices.

Such a strategy assumes the transformation of these tools by integrating into them the hardware control components with Bluetooth Low Energy protocol (BLE-enabled). With the inception of such components, the company aimed to provide their end-users with a friendly Internet-connected device experience. The users would be able to control and manage their tools remotely and directly from smartphones or tablets. 


Our customer needed a reliable software development vendor, which led to the partnership with Brightgrove. We’ve engaged in the development process to provide a reliable IoT-enabling solution for remote control of connected tools from mobile gadgets.

We’ve faced the following challenges:

  1. Deliver a mobile-based solution that uses the BLE protocol to move data between devices and smartphones or tablets, supporting all versions of iOS and Android phones.
  2. Work hand in hand with the partner’s in-house engineers to develop the communication and control protocols, given their limited knowledge of the involved mobile protocols and interfaces.
  3. Additionally, due to business reasons and aggressive release plans, we were to complete the project within a very short timeframe.



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    iOS SDK, Android SDK, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Java, Objective-C, IoT

  • Team Structure:
    Senior mobile developers with BLE expertise
  • Customer:

    A multinational corporation

  • PDF: