Online High-Loaded Marketplace

Quoka is a trio of free and easy-to-use online marketplace and free interactive mobile apps for sellers and buyers, in any field from job offerings and services to pets, real estate and handmade products.


Due to the lack of availability of qualified Agile software engineers on the German market, Quoka hired Brightgrove as a nearshore outsourcing software solution partner to overcome all challenges related to the following strategic tasks:

  1. Development Capacity: To enhance Quoka’s software development capacity with an external Agile team;
  2. Cloud: To move the results of 30+ years in business into a Cloud solution;
  3. Productive capacity: To enhance productive capacity of Quoka’s in-house team related to the development processes and testing;
  4. Modernization: To handle a complex modernization of web portal and mobile apps, which required a wide range of upgrades.



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    SQS, SNS, EC2, EKS, DynamoDB, S3 Bucket, RDS, CloudFront, AWS Lambda; Java, NodeJS, PHP, Javascript, TypeScript; MongoDB, MySQL; Kubernetes + Helm, Codeception, Composer, Terraform, VueJS; CQRS + Event Sourcing; Spring Framework + Spring Boot; Git

  • Team Structure:
    Frontend and backend developers, QA engineers, UI/UX designers
  • Customer:

    Quoka GmbH, Germany

  • PDF: