Payment and Banking Platform

Our customer is a payment solutions provider from Germany, compliant with CSSF and PCI DSS. Their online payment exchange powered by open APIs represents a secure gateway that aggregates payment solutions provided by ACI, pay4asia, and ecomm365. There are integrated embeddable payment forms, multi-currency IBAN accounts, global transfers, 3ds secure and recurring ePayments as well as plain methods for debit, reverse, preauthorize, capture, and more.


The customer couldn’t release their product right on time due to the lack of FinTech experienced developers on their local market. Also, our customer strived to achieve the shortest time-to-market term. Consequently, to speed up the development process, we were tasked to hire a Full-Stack Dedicated Team of software engineers with Java and FinTech expertise, who were able to write a high-quality code.

 Brightgrove’s Dedicated Team had to accomplish such technical goals as

  1. Fix and optimize the existing payment gateway, and migrate the existing functionality of the backend onto a more modern tech stack to boost the quality and overall performance of the system.
  2. Develop a new backend side, fully upgrade, and integrate it with the frontend side to launch the platform in the market.
  3. After the development is finished, provide continuous support and integration of new features.



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, Feign Client, Lombok, Angular, REST Gateway

  • Team Structure:
    Team Lead, senior Java backend developers, senior DevOps, senior QA automation engineers
  • Customer:

    A company from Germany

  • PDF: