Smart Mail Shipment Management App

As the contractor of the Mail Alliance (operated by mailworXs GmbH) – a network of private mail service providers, our customer is responsible for developing and supporting the technical infrastructure/IT sector. At the beginning of 2019, PIN Mail was looking for help with their new brand app development and chose Brightgrove as a reputable outsourcing vendor.


Facing the lack of well-accomplished .NET developers on the local market, PIN Mail asked us to solve this problem using our resources. We had to find and set-up a full-stack development team to speed up the customer’s development process and finish the creation of their product, boosting their in-house engineering capacity.

The challenges for the Dedicated Team were presented in the following tech tasks:

  1. Rewrite the existing application using the latest technologies, optimize the architectural structure, and develop the server app able to handle high load seamlessly.
  2. Develop a client web app called “Shipment Manager” that will work for the whole Mail Alliance network and will be capable of processing the wholesale orders for correspondence delivery.
  3. Ensure the highest quality of code and the overall stability of the product.



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    .NET Core, ASP.NET, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Angular, Redux, Node.js, NgRx, Lodash, PrimeNG, RxJS, ORM Entity Framework Core, AutoMapper, xUnit, Moq, GIT, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Jira, Nexus, Kubernetes & Docker

  • Team Structure:
    Senior and Mid-level full-stack .NET developers
  • Customer:

    PIN Mail AG, Germany

  • PDF: