Solar Plants’ Operation Management Portal

The customer is a Germany-based company that is the leader in engineering and manufacturing of photovoltaic modules and system components and which also operates large-scale solar plants. Each modern solar plant represents a complex engineering facility. Since the cost of solar plant installation and operation is quite high, it’s vital to ensure that the plant operates in the most efficient mode.

To achieve the optimal mode, the complete monitoring of various parts of the plant components functioning should be gathered. The monitoring of solar plant performance could be the most efficient when measurements are taken at the very source of the electrical energy – PV module. With proper collection and analysis of collected measurement data, the results of monitoring may be provided to the plant operator in a convenient form, which simplifies the decision-making process.


The customer identified market demand for a sophisticated software system that would help to monitor and manage solar power plants. To develop such an innovative technological solution, they’ve partnered with Brightgrove.

Challenges we’ve faced included:

  1. The implementation of this solution required engineering and programming of hardware components, such as sensors, string servers, connection boxes, and junctions.
  2. The need to create a sophisticated web-based enterprise portal and mobile apps responsible for data storing, processing, and providing the user with accurate monitoring, management, and reporting functions.
  3. Establish a stable and effective communication, development, and quality assurance processes.



Project Information

  • Technologies:

    PHP 5, JavaScript, ExtJS, Sencha Touch, JQuery, HTML Canvas, Memcached storage, Memcache Queue Service, Linux, Windows, AWS

  • Team Structure:
    Senior web and mobile developers
  • Customer:

    A corporation from Germany

  • PDF: