Vsevolod Grebnev

Vsevolod Grebnev

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Grebnev has 20 years of experience in software development and outsourcing industry. Vsevolod joined Brightgrove in 2010 as a strategic information technology leader and management supervisor, responsible for establishing outsourcing and custom software development services as a brand new division of the company. Vsevolod developed the existing company’s business models and successfully managed numerous client accounts while constantly seeking new business possibilities. Vsevolod started his IT career in 1995 as a software developer and a few years later grew into a Project Manager role. Due to the substantial management experience amassed over the years, Vsevolod is widely recognized for his solid project management expertise, exceptional problem-solving ability, and strong customer communication, coaching, and mentoring skills. During his career, Vsevolod has successfully launched five IT startups in Ukraine. His experience helped propel Brightgrove to the top Ukrainian IT companies within a span of 3 years.

Vsevolod is a graduate of Kharkov State Polytechnic Institute (Ukraine) and holds a Master’s degree in IT Management.

Andriy Borovytskiy

Andriy Borovytskiy

Chief Financial Officer

Drawing from solid product management and senior-level management experience, Andriy manages company’s finances, accounting, and strategic direction.

As a co-founder of Brightgrove, Andriy has worked in a variety of software development and product management roles, managing the R&D team to deliver cutting-edge OSS&BSS solutions for the German telco market. After expanding the company strategy on the outsourcing market he strengthen the company with his deep financial, audit, and strategic planning skills.

Andriy holds a Bachelor’s in System Engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) from Kharkov Aviation Institute. He also has a Professional Certificate in Management from the Open University in the UK and is a Certified Project Manager Professional (PMP).

Andrew Sazonov

Andrew Sazonov

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew brings 18 years’ experience in outsourced software development and relationship management.

His expertise comes from a wide range of technology companies. Prior to joining Brightgrove, Andrew consulted several software development companies, including leaders in distributed software R&D services, and was responsible for implementation of enterprise-level solutions for different industries. He has also founded a number of startups.

Andrew started out as a software engineer and throughout his career enjoyed a continued expansion of his responsibilities, successfully working in Technical Leader, Solution Architect, Project Manager, and Chief Technology Officer roles. This experience helped Andrew gain an intimate understanding of various facets of software development as well as expertise in modern technologies and approaches.

Andrew’s extensive background in business development and operations service delivery includes building highly scalable teams focused on bringing efficiency and value to clients.

Andrew holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science, with honors, from National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” of Ukraine.

Eugene Gubanov

Eugene Gubanov

Head of Development

Eugene came to Brightgrove with a solid track record of success in QA leadership positions. His prior accomplishments include building and optimizing testing processes for the Kharkiv office of an outsourced software development provider, and efficient management of a QA teams in conducting the full cycle of testing of the firmware for a new medical hardware device at a global offshore software services company.

As Brightgrove’s Head of Development, Eugene has overall responsibility for the company’s operations and delivery. He oversees all projects, supports client accounts, manages the company’s project managers, and participates in presale activities. During the three years at Brightgrove, he has helped to significantly grow the company’s headcount. Also to his credit is successful implementation of highly popular QA and developer internship programs.

Eugene received a Bachelor’s degree in Radioelectronics and a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics.

Michael Antonovych

Michael Antonovych

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Michael lives by the motto “grow companies by growing people.”

Michael has over 10 years’ experience in С-level positions at various leading international IT companies. He has a successful track record of setting up operations on a global scale, including:

A launch of R&D offices in numerous countries on two continents;

Restructuring various company divisions resulting in growth of efficiency and profitability;

M&A expertise;

A leading role in the launch of a course-rich educational and knowledge-sharing platform for a leading software development company;

Founding and management of his own software development company.

At Brightgrove, Michael is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company, including business planning, financial management, HR and recruitment, legal matters and account management.

Michael received his MS in Economics.