Agile project management

When you work with Brightgrove, you don’t have to wait until the end of the project to receive tangible, testable deliverables.

Iterative development is a core component of our strategic approach to software delivery. We divide each engagement into iterations that produce working versions of the product our clients can actually use.

  • Each iteration allows for client feedback and proactive “course corrections” to ensure that the solution is in compliance with the original vision and business goals and not just with the technical specification.

  • Each iteration starts with a brief on the previous iteration and a planning and analysis session, involving both the client and the Brightgrove team.

  • A formal iteration review process is supplemented by the continuous delivery of functionality through weekly or daily builds that grant the user ongoing access for testing and reviewing.

  • Major functional elements are grouped into formalized releases that represent the critical project milestones.


Prototyping: Increasing Efficiency

Brightgrove uses a special form of iteration called a Prototype Iteration, typically planned and executed at the start of a project in order to explore the unknown or risky elements. This process allows us to address specific unknown issues aggressively and rapidly to ensure that all the hurdles in the project are removed. Prototype Iterations help us manage the risks by identifying the high-risk items and focusing on resolving these issues.


Iterative Development Keeps Projects on Course

Brightgrove addresses this core risk through one of the industry’s most responsive iterative development and testing methodologies. We divide the development effort into iterations that provide our clients with early versions they can use and test. Besides, the very approach to the development process we employ reliably allows for the possibility of correcting the course of the development whenever required. You are never in the dark. All the issues, risks, and roadblocks are identified and addressed as early as possible. Our agile software development methodology anticipates changes and allows us to correct the course of the development quickly, thus ensuring that your project stays consistent with your business objectives.

Real-Time Development Updates

Brightgrove uses an integrated suite of tools to provide real-time visibility throughout the project lifecycle. Our online project dashboard is based on wiki community- building principles and technologies and fosters highly productive communication among the Brightgrove development teams. We render these tools available to our clients.

Our web-based project collaboration portal provides:

  • Requirements management
  • Project status updates
  • An electronic project planning board
  • Defect tracking
  • Source control
  • A story repository
  • Issue management
  • Current build of the software
  • Project metrics / cost / hours
  • Billing information
  • Quality metrics measurement
  • Management reporting

Managing Risks

Brightgrove manages and mitigates the risks of major projects through a unique approach that combines an industry-leading agile methodology with a focus on the client company’s business objectives and a broad set of technology competencies that includes both data and application development.

The biggest risk you can be faced with in a software launch is that there is a flaw in the solution: the product isn’t quite viable on the market, it doesn’t meet your business objectives, it isn’t feasible in your timeframe and budget ,or it cannot simply be properly built using the technology and specifications that you have designated and provided.

You should be looking for a solution development partner who can more than just write code. You need a partner who:

  • develops high-quality products and provides high-quality services through a process that takes into account the full product lifecycle considerations
  • helps you ensure that your solution is aligned with your business objectives
  • has industry-leading experience in all the major platforms and architectures
  • can give your team a full view of the project at all times

Focus and Experience

Brightgrove can manage the development of any complex solution better than anyone in the industry because that’s what we do. We were founded to help companies deliver these solutions to the marketplace: we know the pitfalls, we know the issues, and we know how to work around them and ensure that a quality, strategically sound product gets to market on time and on budget. When you hire a development company for a major business initiative, you can’t afford to lose sight of any part of the project. You need a team you can trust and a partner that gives up-to-the-minute feedback every step of the way.

You need continuous updates on:

  • Overall project progress
  • Key deliverables
  • Costs
  • Risks
  • Technology and Market issues