IP protection

Brightgrove provides multi-level protection of its clients intellectual property. The legal, logical and physical restrictions are used to ensure that any sensitive information is protected properly.

Legal security

Brightgrove has well-defined and documented security policies, processes, and guidelines in place for the reasonable protection of information at all the stages of the information life cycle. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with each client and all the information Brightgrove receives from them is presumed confidential. Each new employee signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement with both Brightgrove and the client company, if the latter is required.

Data security

Brightgrove has implemented the following rules in order to ensure the data security:

  • All data (the source code, documentation, intranet systems, databases, and so on) is stored and secured by our service provider.

  • The VPN connection is used in order to secure the data transfers.

  • IPSec is used for critical data flows’ encryption.

  • System administrators monitor the “health” status of the hard drives with S.M.A.R.T., and perform regular backups of the data to backup the servers and DVD disks.

  • Web-based intrusions and attacks are prevented with Apache security modules, port-scanning system, and semi-automated PSAD for Linux iptables.

  • Employees’ access rights to the different data sources, e.g. the version control system, project collaboration area, and so on, are granted depending on the project they are working on. Thus, if a developer works on a certain project, any information related to another client or another project cannot be accessed by him. Access to the company environment can only be granted through domain authentication.

Physical Security

Access to the facilities is restricted through the usage of failsafe electric door locks to ensure that only the authorized personnel are allowed to enter. The reliable and secure electrical system responsible for this procedure has built-in redundancy that ensures power availability at all times. An intelligent fire/smoke detection and alarm system for notification and evacuation of personnel gives an early warning in case of fire. All rooms are equipped with fire extinguishers.


Network Security

Brightgrove’s network is divided into segments to eliminate data saturation and to physically separate the teams, thus preventing any unauthorized access to/from a segment. Every network device has a properly configured firewall, antivirus and malware protection systems.