Management consulting

Our primary goal is to efficiently tailor the development team that will be assigned to you in accordance with your technical and business requirements.

We consult our clients on the full range of topics related to offshore outsourcing and remote software development while taking into consideration the client’s specific needs and goals. Learn how to benefit from outsourcing and flourish in working with an outsourced team of developers in an efficient and predictive way, completely free of charge!

Having been in the IT industry from the early 90-ties, we are fully qualified to advise our clientele on IP protection and other legal issues, the conditions of the local IT labor market, required skills specifications, efficient compensation structure and motivation techniques, effective retention policies, communication channels and procedures, team-building processes, methods and tools of collaboration. We will knowledgeably inform you about the existing cultural differences, risks involved, and operational procedures that will be required for the successful management of your project.

Furthermore, we will assist you with the most critical issue of designing a highly efficient team structure based on the analysis of the client’s business goals and existing resources, technologies and development tools involved, specifics of remote software development, and availability of offshore labor resources.

The next important step is the client’s active participation in the selection of the team members. We don’t sell “technical positions”, but we create a team of professionals, fully tailoring it to the client’s needs to serve as a natural extension of the client’s in-house staff and resources.


Setting up the Process

Brightgrove has solid experience in team-building and always keeps abreast of all the latest technologies and new trends in software development outsourcing. We set up full-scale software development and security environments by building from scratch all the required development, communication, collaboration, and staff management processes. Each process is adjusted in accordance with the client’s specific needs, as well as their business environment, corporate policies and culture.


Monitoring and Supervising

After building the team and efficiently implementing the required processes, Brightgrove continues to actively manage all the aspects of the team’s work and its cooperation with the client. Our extensively experienced and highly competent technical managers continuously monitor and supervise the implementation of the project requirements, system architecture compliance, project plans, quality of the code and that of the project-related documentation, team performance, and even the “team spirit”. The client receives regular, detailed reports on all the above and makes the required adjustments. A dedicated manager supervises the reporting, legal and financial issues and ensures client satisfaction through frequent communication with the client.

The distinct advantages that Brightgrove offers its clients can be summed up as follows:

  • A better understanding of offshore outsourcing and the specifics of remote development
  • An offshore team being a natural extension of the client’s in-house staff and full control over this team’s activities
  • Technical oversight and management
  • Continuous improvement of the cooperation
  • Improved overall operational efficiency