Recruiting process

In general, our goal is to make a perfect match between the job requirements and the candidate’s skills.

The recruiting process depends on your requirements for the team and your preferences. It can be handled internally, or you may be fully involved and interview and screen personally every candidate. We have a really flexible recruiting process and ready to adjust it according to your needs and expectations. After the internal screening and skills evaluation, we furnish you with the candidate’s resume, a brief summary of the internal assessment, including our vision as to the amount of the compensation the candidate should be entitled to, the fringe benefits, and the potential salary growth.

Optionally, we can organize the following activities in order to inform you about the candidate’s experience at a greater depth:

  • Interview – an interview between you and the candidate that can be conducted over the phone, by skype, or through a conference call.
  • Online assessment – as part of the screening process, you could ask the candidates to take a certain skill test, such as, for example, BrainBench.
  • Test assignment – You could ask the candidates to send in sample work or their portfolios, as well as assign a short test task that will verify the ability of the candidate to perform a specific job.