Team motivation

At Brightgrove, we aim to create and maintain a positive work culture that would nurture creativity, integrity, and trust.

Transparency in communication

Brightgrove stands for an open work culture. Our team members feel free to approach their colleagues, share their vision and ask for information: the hierarchy here exists to organize the working process but not to create some communication barriers. Initiative and knowledge sharing are always welcome at Brightgrove. No feedback is ever disregarded or dismissed, be it positive or negative: experiencing mistakes, we have to learn from them and improve our skills, attitudes, and overall performance.


Out-of-the-box thinking

We encourage our team-members to think innovatively and search for creative solutions to complex problems. We enjoy facing challenges and learning in the process of overcoming those. Operating in a highly competitive and dynamic environment, Brightgrove places its stake on the flexibility of its members, their capacity to embrace changes and take risks.

Flexible working hours

The amount of the working time is set according to the labor law and work contract. The work schedule of our employees is not a fixed-time one, and it can be modified at the request of any of the team members: to approve a custom schedule, we simply need to know that it is not at variance with the interests of the company and that it preserves the continuity of the working process. Appreciating our employees’ aspiration for achieving good results, we do not, however, encourage any overtime work since it affects the employee morale and vitality and results in an increase in the project costs. If any overtime performance still gets approved, the project managers are required to provide monthly overtime reports for the appropriate material compensation to be paid.


Right balance between work and leisure

To preserve the ability of our team members to generate impressive results, we try to provide them with a positive and fun work atmosphere. Enjoying our work and spending good time together afterwards ensures employee satisfaction and a high level of loyalty toward the company.


Aspiration to knowledge

We believe in the continuity of learning and, therefore, encourage our team members to keep upgrading their knowledge and skills by providing them with an exhaustive library of technical and marketing literature. Our objective here is to keep track of the newest technologies, ideas, tools and processes that appear on the market and make this information easily available to our staff.