Cost structure

For the Dedicated Team model, Brightgrove offers a very simple and completely transparent cost structure.

The monthly fee per full-time employee (FTE) is calculated using the following formula:

Monthly cost per
(Salary and

This simple cost structure gives you full control over the costs, as well as the possibility of negotiating the amount of the employee compensation and benefits directly with the candidates prior to their employment with us. This removes immediately the most damaging of all conflicts of interests arising in the outsourcing industry: the provider hires the people offering them the lowest possible wage and then bills them out at the highest possible rate.

The Brightgrove Fee includes the costs associated with the following activities:

  • Operational management, network and IT administration
  • Legal and accounting support in compliance with the Ukrainian Law and tax regulations
  • Infrastructure, including office space, workstations, secretarial services, PC repairs
  • Staff management, coaching and supervision
  • HR and recruitment activities, including advertising, pre-screening, interviewing
  • Startup support and consulting about the best existing practices for managing remote development teams