Virtual captive

The Virtual Captive business model allows you to retain managerial control over the offshore development process while utilizing the resources and expertise of the service provider.

Overall, virtual captives are ideal for companies that want to set up long-term offshore software development operations without having to commit the time and resources to set up a legal entity of their own.

The Virtual Captive business model combines the strengths of both the offshore captive center and dedicated team models. A captive center is an extension of the parent business that the parent business builds and manages entirely on its own. A virtual captive, on the other hand, uses the readily available expertise and resources of the service provider while enjoying the benefits of an offshore captive center, such as the managerial control over the staff selection, risks, and performance.

We leverage our expertise of the local market to create a pool of candidates whom you will have the possibility of screening personally. Once the manpower is in place, we will simply set up the workplaces and equipment. Everything, from the recruitment process to the operational management will be handled jointly with you. This can prove highly beneficial for larger-scale projects that require attention to detail and thorough mitigation of the risks involved. After the operation has proven stable and productive, you can completely take over the management of the captive entity.


  • Readily available infrastructure
  • Control over the operations and staff selection
  • Fast ramp-up time
  • Fully transparent pricing
  • Secured intellectual property
  • More flexible work hours of the offshore staff
  • Risks shared between the service provider and the client
  • Expansion contractually encouraged
  • Management fee separate from the individual operational agreements