Custom AdTech Development

Custom AdTech Development

Brightgrove is a consulting and technology partner that delivers real value and supports your agenda from start to finish. Our team of skilled engineers will fulfill your needs through the whole-cycle development of customized, innovative AdTech products in the most cost-effective way.

Let us apply the best AdTech and digital media practices to optimize your existing AdTech solution and bring it to the highest level.

Ad Delivery Optimization

  • Audit and analysis of your existing solution and business requirements
  • Generation of a list of suggested technical improvements for your existing solution
  • Help with troubleshooting the problematic areas and identifying inefficiencies in the ad delivery process
  • Daily identification and fixing of the technical errors that affect fill-rate
  • Fill-rate optimization
  • Recommendations and guidance in selecting the technology partners
  • Consultations and support in selecting the SSP/DMP partner
  • Development of custom-oriented mobile apps for content delivery and monetization (Android, iOS, CTV)

Audience & Monetization Measurement

  • Integration of the web, mobile, and CTV applications with audience measurement/content monetization SDKs (Open Measurement, AppsFlyer, Comscore, Xandr, etc.)
  • Integration of your product with Data Management Platforms (Salesforce, Nielsen, and so on)
  • Design and implementation of custom systems for audience & monetization data collection and analysis
  • Integration of reporting systems (compilation and analysis of the statistical data);
  • Help in selecting and integrating with the 3rd-party measurement platforms
  • Technical and business recommendations for applications’ improvements and their implementation
  • Android, iOS & CTV mobile advertising SDKs development

Help in Integration with Technology Partners

  • Defining the scope of work
  • Coordinating the implementation efforts
  • Full-scale configuration management
  • Turn-key services and custom training

World-class QA and Test Automation

  • Comprehensive, robust QA strategy to ensure your product s highest quality
  • Multiple tests coverage, including functional, integration, smoke, load, regression, API, and more
  • Solving unique testing problems for web, mobile, and smart TVs projects
  • In-house established, ready-to-go QA automation framework

AdTech Solutions that Our Team Can Build

Robust AdTech software products that streamline, automate, and optimize your digital and print advertising campaigns. Manage your ads and traffic, maximize your ROI, optimize delivery, track the target audience, and improve your data consolidation and analysis with the most efficient AdTech solution designed specifically for your service or product.

  • Web Analytics and Data Measurement Portal

Platforms of any complexity that will help you obtain web performance analytics and identify the main problematic areas to improve your advertising flow and maximize marketing efforts.

  • Mobile Development (iOS, Android, IoT, Connected TV)

Fast, reliable, and powerful mobile and tablet apps boost your market outreach. Therefore, expand the revenue streams. The more channels you use to deliver the advertising content, the more target audience you reach.

  • Real-Time Bidding Platform (RTB)

Real-time bidding technology provides automated auction participation and allows you to set ads’ target segmentation with higher efficiency and speed across desktop, mobile, and TV.

  • Data Management Platform (DMP)

This solution lets you store all your Big Data in-house, in one place, and set up personalized ads across all marketing channels.

  • Demand Side Platform (DSP)

A robust AdTech demand-side platform brings actual value to your business and helps effectively manage the campaigns of any size and budget.

  • Supply Side Platform (SSP)

If you need to gain full control over your data streams and manage all your inventory without external services, then we can build you a SSP solution customized for your business processes.

  • Retargeting Platform

Integrated software that boosts customer retention rate and recovers lost income.

  • Ad Server

You can have your own server to manage and navigate all ads on a website, track ad performance, and generate comprehensive reports.

  • Ad Exchange

Custom online ad exchanges help publishers, advertisers, and media networks significantly increase their media-buying and inventory selling rates.

  • Performance Marketing Platforms (PMP)

With a robust PMP, you’ll be able to track, measure, analyze, and improve performance marketing results to the best possible level.


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