Retailers across the world are facing a big challenge of fulfilling rising expectations of modern day digital shoppers. Clients are more informed, tech savvy and demands quick and better services. They want the ease of being able to purchase products and services both offline and online via E-commerce platforms and from their smartphones and tablets. In addition, shoppers are well-informed of their choices, and ensure that they derive maximum benefits from their investment.

These new dynamics has imposed huge challenges to retail industry in terms of client services as well as operations and supply chain. Retailers are driven to change their business models, combat rising consumer expectations, and excel across all digital touch points.

Brigthgrove has been helping retailers to streamline their e-commerce business since the early stages of the company. We develop and implement from scratch e-commerce solutions, order distribution systems, client data management solutions as well as mobile applications, data storage systems, etc. Years of experience in building software products for the retail industry and high development standards have made us a reliable partner.

Get comprehensive solutions custom-developed to suit your workflows:

  • Webshop
  • CRM
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Management
  • Store management
  • Supply Chain
  • Point-of-Sale solutions
  • Mobile Apps & Enterprise Mobility
  • Promotions & Marketing
  • Reordering Management


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