ERESNET as real estate portal operator the undisputed market leader in Austria and is to reinvent himself with the help of cloud technology as a data hub for the international market.

The high-load and high-availability residential listing service is developed which provides the technical basis for the exporting real estate data to cooperation partners. The service runs in Windows Azure and uses the Open Data Protocol (OData). This allows partners using different types of technologies standardized integration possibilities. An API call can exclusively be done using HTTPS.

Specifically for the demands of real estate market the extremely open real time interface – the ERES.API – was developed, also the database model adapted to the specific needs of the industry with enormous update, and read loads. The ultimate crux for us was to keep response times despite ever-increasing amounts of data. For comparison: we have about 60,000 homes in Austria online and have scaled in this test phase on up to 10 million homes. Ultimately this us succeeded in this, that we could have modular clustered the data and prevent access to giant records.

Project Information

  • Technologies:

    Microsoft Azure, Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET, MVC, JQuery, HTML 5 (W3C valid code), CSS 3, compatibility with older browsers

  • Team size:
    5 people
  • Duration:
    25 man-months