GBI Race

GBI Race
GBI Race
GBI Race
GBI Race

The GBI is a fast growing, global networking event within the ITC industry with participants from all over the world and with the objective to maintain its own network, while cycling for different charities around our world.

Such solution represented mobile applications with iOS and Android platform, which is used during the biking race. Mobile applications provide the user with:

Since there are two primary user groups identified (a rider participating a certain race and a spectator who may observe this race event activities), the mobile application supports two modes of operation – rider and spectator one. In both modes the user is able to access race informational content provided by the application as well as participate in race-related discussions using social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

In both modes the application includes deeply customized map view with detailed information about race tracks and various points of interests related to a race event. Since the content of map data was changed during the development process, additional utilities were developed for handling provided map data. These utilities were used to convert incoming map data into formats suitable for embedding into mobile applications.

For the rider and spectator modes, the application includes functionality related to donation gathering process. Using the application, the user is able to obtain detailed information about donations collected, as well as to make a donation either via web interface, provided by GBI, or just by sending an SMS to appropriate short number.

To support functioning of the mobile applications, the backend server was developed to cover the following functionality:

Project Information

  • Technologies:

    Mobile, Java, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Locations Services, Google Maps, J2EE, Spring MVC, JSON, Hazelcast cache, OpenLayers, JS, AJAX, Tomcat, XML, AWS, Amazon EC2 cloud, Face-book SDK, Twitter SDK, Maven, Junit

  • Team size:
    4 people
  • Duration:
    8 man-months