Monitoring and alarm system for drainage appliances

The main goal was to develop a real-time hardware monitoring and alarm system. Which should notify responsible personnel immediately if malfunctioning of devices or leakage is identified.

Brightgrove identified business and technology requirements and offered an architecture and technology stack for the system’s implementation. Further, a complete solution was created that includes several structural components. These components are distributed and are operate in several major locations:

  • Software installed on appliances;
  • Server-side components (running within a cloud environment);
  • Browser-based workspaces for system administrators, super-users and ordinary users;
  • Mobile-based workspaces for plumbers, workers and clients.

Project Information

  • Technologies:

    Firmware (C), Java, HTML5, JavaScript, Spring Framework, SQL, Apache Kafka, Scala, ZooKeeper, Android, iOS, clouds

  • Team size:
    8 developers