Photovoltaic power plants – performance monitoring solution

The client identified a market demand for a sophisticated system for monitoring and management of solar plants. Brightgrove was responsible for:

  • Development of hardware components (sensors, string servers, connection boxes and junctions);
  • Performing programming of such devices;
  • Creation of an enterprise-level web-based portal solution, which is responsible for data storing, processing and providing the user with monitoring, management and reporting functions.

With the development of novel DC powerline communication technology, the client is able to manufacture a set of unique and smart hardware components. of the unique and smart hardware components. Embedded software that operates on hardware devices compliments the web-based portal component and together they form a complete management and monitoring solution which currently operates 4 Europe-largest solar power plants.

Project Information

  • Technologies:

    Electronics design (digital and analog); Firmware (C, Assembler), Embedded software (Linux, Node.js, C++, PHP, JavaScript); Sensors

  • Team size:
    4 developers