Middle FrontEnd Developer for Property Management Platform

Location: Ukraine: Kharkiv / Ukraine: Kyiv

About the Client

Our customer makes it easier for property owners to expand their rental property portfolio and boost their income stream.
The company of client has been recognized as a fast-growing startup in multiple business publications in the past few years.

About the Project

A platform for do-it-yourself landlords that guide them through the operations of owning a rental property: finding tenants, screening tenants, creating a legally binding lease for tenants to sign, collecting rent online, and managing ongoing maintenance requests from tenants.

Ruby and Rails app with PostgreSQL database built in 2013. The frontend is now a hybrid of Rails server-rendered views (mostly marketing pages) and JavaScript views built with React (for our in-app experience).

About the Team

Developers work in a small team that is able to receive user feedback and quickly iterate on it. We’re a fast-growing team that recently raised a round of funding to help grow the team and user engagement.

We follow an agile methodology that works as best we can in weekly sprints. We ship early and often, breaking projects up into manageable, and deployable, sets of functionality.

The team on Brightgrove’s side:

  • 1 Ruby Engineer
  • 1 FullStack Engineer
  • 1 FrontEnd Engineer

Engineering manager and multiple teams at Chicago, New York and other distributed locations.

Responsibilities and Skills


The development team has a non-traditional background that gives them unique and varied perspectives when developing a feature. We have very few egos in teamwork well as a unit.

  • HTML/CSS, SCSS, JavaScript (ES7+)
  • React
  • Redux
  • Styled-components
  • Design patterns

Nice to have:

  • GraphQL
  • Understanding or experience with RoR or other backend tech
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