Middle FrontEnd Developer for WordPress and Web Development Department

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

About the customer

CrispWP is an internal division and separate marketing brand of Brightgrove. CrispWP is focused on the web development and our primary focus is creation of great Web sites using tools from WordPress ecosystem.

We create great, efficient and convenient websites for our customers, who are well-known advertisement and design companies, located all over the world. 

Unlike to most companies which rely of ready-made themes and components for WordPress and offer quick and simple solution – we do something special which we’re proud of. 

We believe in common sense and established development processes. We glad to welcome you as part of CrispWP team.

About the project

The major difference of CrispWP from other companies – we focus on specific type of clients. 

We do not work with end-customers, clients from market places or resellers.

We primarily support a set of well-established foreign marketing and advertisement agencies and software development companies.

Our clients deal with the end clients. Our clients are technical and know what do they want and how sites are created. They have the mindset which is good to work with.

Due to this – we focus on technical implementation of our clients’ ideas without complicated communication issues.  We create unique and custom implementation of site’s UI according to well-defined design materials, and sites we build works smoothly on all types of devices.

We do projects for different domains, and this is cool, because you can see how everything works in different businesses.

We build quick and reliable process to make our lives easier and our clients happier. Agile. Git. Code style standards. Continuous integration. Jenkins for deployments.  All tools and best industry practices for full-fledged project development.

And due to our specifics – we do “development and programming” of projects rather than configuring them using ready-made available components. 

About the team

We constantly grow and the size of our team is almost good for today. Almost – because we’re looking for you.

We’re big enough to use mature processes, be great team and work for established customers.

We are small enough to remains flexible, have a room for agility and skip all bureaucracy and multi-level management and decision making.

In any way – we are not an “evil company” and it’s a good place to work and build something good.


We expect that you are:

  • Smart
  • Have good knowledge of HTML 5 and CSS3
  • Have good knowledge of generic JavaScript programming
  • Familiar with jQuery library (or even better, with other JS frameworks, like Vue.js or React.js)
  • Know how to create HTML markup that works in different browsers
  • Good in mobile-first approach and creation of responsible web sites

You will be responsible for:

  1. Implementation of different pages and UI blocks for WordPress-based sites
  2. Enriching web sites by animation effects
  3. Adding dynamics to the page via AJAX calls
  4. Cooperation with the team members to deliver the projects to end-clients on a regular basis

Generic Programming Skills:

  • Good HTML5 + CSS3 skills
  • Good understanding of cross-browser markup creation
  • Ability to use mobile-first approach and create responsive UI
  • Good knowledge for JavaScript
  • Knowledge of JQuery (other JS frameworks is desired – Vue.js, Angular.js is a plus)
  • Understanding of animation effects (CSS, JS)
  • AJAX/REST experience, DOM manipulation – is a plus
  • SASS, LESS – desired
  • Experience with Git, task tracking systems
  • Gulp – understanding and basic experience is a plus

WordPress Related:

  • Basic understanding of creation of UI for WordPress – desired
  • Basic understanding of WP themes creation is a plus
Got questions? Don't leave, ask Marina Varibrus via Skype: live:e3bac153189c5286

About Brightgrove

Brightgrove is an industry-leading software development company with offices in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Minsk. We build award-winning products that bring significant value, real results, and help our customers from a variety of industries to grow their businesses.

Our team currently consists of more than 350 people across different areas, passionate about technologies and software products. Although we work as multiple teams, use different platforms and languages, we all share the same goals and ideas of how to build things. We are a human-driven company!

What You Get With Us:

  • Professional and career growth
  • Warm and friendly working environment
  • Comfortable and cozy office in the city center
  • No corporate BS – we move too fast for that
  • Competitive compensation depending on your experience and skills
  • Opportunities to travel internationally and between our offices
  • A chance to work with the latest modern technologies
  • You’ll work with the remarkable teams from all over the world
  • Working hours are flexible as long as you get the work done
  • Awesome corporate culture and team building events

At Brightgrove, every expert is valued, involved, and essential for each part of our company. As with wine, great software is created by great people.

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