Middle Python Developer for Smart Gardening System

Location: Ukraine: Kharkiv / Ukraine: Kyiv

About the Client

Ever wondered who those creative people who build the future are? Our customer is one of them! Located in Chicago, this company creates and distributes elegant and easy-to-handle home hydroponic gardening systems, transforming the whole process of growing food. Now, with their help, it’s super easy and fast, highly productive, engaging, and fun. Most of all, the produce you get is tasty and nutrient-enriched! Though, let’s exclude the flowers from this list.

Such a system adapts commercial-grade hydroponic technology for consumer use, making professional hydroponics shrunk to fit in any home. Gardening techniques have never been that easy for everyone! Also, caring about our planet, the customer provides 100% recyclable packaging for each of their products. Currently, these particular gardening systems are considered the most advanced consumer products in the modern market.

About the Project

In a nutshell, after a gardener assembles the gardening system and plants the pods, it now can be connected to the customer’s brand mobile app where users log all of their plants in the customer’s private data system. After that, the app provides the user with notifications on how to take care of the whole hydroponic system, when to add nutrients or water, and lets you watch over the plants’ progress.

So, the app, basically, does all the planning to ensure the prosperity of user’s garden. It can even set an automatic light schedule and provide an expert but customized guidance on how to maintain the system based on the list of plants the user is growing. The customer’s mobile app communicates to REST API’s that are implemented in AWS Lambda functions (in Python) for its functionality.

About the Team

Small, but very proud! The current team consists of React Native developer and Python developer on our side and the PO on the customer’s side, and we plan to expand, with time. If you ever dreamed of working on an innovative and genuinely impactful project, this job is just for you! We crave to extend our team with a professional who is passionate about coding and would care about the success of this project, in particular.

Responsibilities and Skills


We’re looking back-end, AWS/Lambda Python developer. They will probably spend about 40-60% pure development, and the rest on design, the overall infrastructure, prototyping, R&D, etc. Lots of fun stuff to do with the tech.

  • API feature development aligned with features, collaboration with our developer on the mobile app
  • Build out more integrated IoT analytic capabilities to help advance the intelligence of our system.
  • Integrate our application with the eCommerce platform to create a seamless experience for people growing produce.
  • Helping architect to scale beyond 1 million users and devices
  • Develop an image/media management infrastructure to support photo sharing and AI analysis
  • Implementing an in-application set of community/social media services
  • AWS Lambda/python development (mid-level)
  • AWS infrastructure development (mid-level)
  • Database skills (mid-level)
  • Test-driven development
  • Comfortable with a distributed team
  • English – Upper-intermediate

Nice to Have Skills:

  • AWS IoT experience
  • AWS Network and security experience
  • AWS Cognito experience
  • Amazon Alexa or other voice interface systems
  • Some front-end skills – web, mobile, etc.
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