Middle SQL Software Engineer for Analytic Management Software

Location: Ukraine: Kharkiv / Ukraine: Kyiv

About the Client

Our customer is innovating US-based company with exciting expertise in big data, analytics, and software development that established a new category of software called Analytic Management. Client provides the only active analytic catalog for data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and business users, enabling them to interact with their data and analytic code in a whole new way.

We’re a naturally curious team that loves working together. We’re dedicated to our customers, building an analytic management movement together, which will be the key to how businesses win in the future.

About the Project

Our software deeply integrates with and leverages some of the hottest components of the big data and analytics ecosystem such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Microsoft Synapse. We’re an upstart player in the emerging “Modern Data Stack” space. Our tech stack includes Java, TypeScript, Kubernetes ElasticSearch, Reddis, and frameworks like Electron, React, Cypress among others. We have a mature and evolving system for DevOps using GitLab, Jenkins, Docker, Nexus, Maven, and Junit. These integrate with our cloud infrastructure for build and test at AWS, Azure, and GCP.

About the Team

100% of development is done by the team in our Kharkiv office. The team consists of 28 Java, JS, and QA Engineers. All developers are highly qualified, 70% of the team are Seniors.

Responsibilities and Skills


As an Analytics Engineer on the data team, you will expand and steward data bridges across our quickly growing company. This is a high impact and high visibility role that includes evolving our data warehouse (Snowflake), enabling operational analytics, and being a force multiplier for self-service analytics and data visualization


  • Expand our data warehouse with clean data ready for analysis
  • Apply engineering best practices to our data transformation layer
  • Improve the efficiency of our most demanding transformation queries with performant, clean SQL
  • Enable operational analytics by syncing data to 3rd party tools, “closing the loop” in data circulation
  • Be the keystone for self-service analytics and data visualization
  • Support the organization to answer questions with data through training, tooling, process and your ingenuity
  • 2+ years of industry experience in analytics using SQL to drive business insights
  • Established history of writing complex, efficient and DRY SQL code
  • Comfortable working in a dynamic, fast growth startup.
  • Strong written, and verbal communication skills are paramount for this role
  • Effective in a collaborative environment. We win together as a team.
  • Decent level of spoken/written English
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