Project Manager (Coordinator) for CrispWP

Location: Ukraine: Kharkiv

About the Client

CrispWP is an internal division and separate marketing brand of Brightgrove. CrispWP is focused on the web development and our primary focus is creation of great Web sites using tools from WordPress ecosystem.

We create great, efficient and convenient websites for our customers, who are well-known advertisement and design companies, located all over the world.

Unlike to mostcompanies whichrelyof ready-made themes and components for WordPress and offer quick and simple solution – we do something special which we’re proud of.

We believe in common sense and established development processes. We glad to welcome you as part of CrispWP team.

About the Project

As a specialized WordPress company we support a wideset of foreign marketing and advertisement agencies who dealwith the end clients, this is why we get the tasks from very different business areas, and this is cool, because today you can work on the e-shop that sells the bodycreams, and tomorrow it will be the website for the heavy industry or the medicine conference.

We build quick and reliable process to make our lives easier and our clients happier.

We are working on a bunch of projects any moment, they may vary in business area, complexity, and duration, so we expect you to be quite flexible and be ready to help to other team members.

About the Team

We constantly grow and the size of our team is almost good for today. Almost – because we’re looking for you.

We’re big enough to use mature processes, be a great team and work for established customers.

We are small enough to remain flexible, have room for agility, and skip all bureaucracy and multi-level management and decision making.

In any way – we are not an “evil company” and it’s a good place to work and build something good.

Responsibilities and Skills

  • Meet the client’s expectation and build the trustful communication/relations
  • Planning the developers work to implement the project
  • Simple WP website requirements analysis
  • Help with estimates and proposals
  • Help the team members to prevent and resolve issues
  • Participate in setting up the general processes and come up with improvements
  • Continuous self-learning
  • Experience in generic project management(requirement analysis, planning, teamwork, reporting)
  • Understanding web projects specifics, ideally – experience with WordPress projects
  • Common understanding of Web site structure, ecommerce functionality
  • English – Upper-intermediate
  • Good communication skills
  • Understanding of basic principles for PHP/HTML/CSS/JS/MySQL/Git
  • Be aware of WebDesign/UXtrends
  • SEO/web Security – understanding of topics


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