React Native Developer for a Brand-New Professionals’ Social Network

Location: Ukraine: Kharkiv

About the Client

Our customer is a promising US-based startup. The product is a recruiting platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and a vast network of members who refer passive candidates that are personally known to them and verify that they are qualified and interested in your job. The business is cautious about sharing their secrets, but is using mobile, web, a large database of customers along with AI based learning and matching. The product is revolutionary. We are happy to share more during the interview process.

About the Project

Hiring Managers would always prefer to hire by referral, and there is no effective, scalable way to do so outside of existing employees.

The platform makes it simple, easy, and financially rewarding for everyone to recommend the perfect colleague from their own personal and professional network for the perfect job. Our AI-powered app, vast and enriched membership database means that hiring managers quickly get a curated list of best match candidates who have been personally recommended and verified to be qualified and interested in the position.

About the Team

There are 2 team-members in the US-based in-house team, and the team of 5 professionals in our modern R&D office in Kharkiv. All your future teammates are true professionals that maintain a healthy and friendly working atmosphere.

Responsibilities and Skills

  • Support, build and maintain excellent React Native application (HR platform) with clean code.
  • Implement pixel-perfect UI’s that match designs.
  • Integrate third-party APIs (Linkedin, Facebook, Google services., etc.
  • Support web development in case of necessity (exceptional cases)
  • Experience with ReactJS, Redux and React Native
  • Strong experience with mobile development
  • Strong JavaScript knowledge
  • Experience using Git
  • Motivated to learn and adopt new technologies
  • A good teammate with good communication skills
  • Experience with React framework
  • English with Intermediate level

This would be a great +:

  • Experience with AWS
  • Objective-C and/or Swift knowledge. iOS development experience
  • Java and/or Kotlin knowledge. Android development experience
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