Senior C/C++ Developer for Power Transformers Manufacturer

Location: Ukraine: Kharkiv

About the Client

Our customer has been writing success stories in the world of energy technology for more than 150 years. Today, their products regulate more than 50% of the worldwide power supply.
The core business is the regulation of power transformers.
This is done above all with the aid of tap changers, which adapt the transmission ratio of the primary to secondary winding to changing load ratios and, together with additional, innovative products and services, ensure an interruption-free power supply. Other major divisions include the construction of high-voltage testing and diagnostic systems as well as the manufacture of composite insulators.

About the Project

The customer has 2 platforms at the same time. One, which was developed 8 years ago – for regulating power transformers, and the second one – which appeared a year ago as a result of the migration to a new platform with Linux, migrate services, features, etc.

They would like to outsource the measurement storage function to the Ukrainian dedicated team.
As for today, we have a real standalone demo device for the regulation and monitoring of transformers that can be found on the customer’s website.

Despite the fact that they have a lot of conditions for their records, software architecture is very flexible, a lot of products implemented on the platform. The measurement recorder needs to be flexible because of Big Data (several gigabytes). The main goal, for now, is not visualization, it’s more backend.

Used tech stack:

  • Backend: C++
  • Frontend: TypeScript, Angular, Pure JS
  • DB: for now SQLite (quite open to discussing DB, flexibility for recording in DB)
  • API: REST-based
  • Version Control: SVN

About the Team

Currently, there are 10 developers on the customer’s side.
A dedicated person will be responsible for knowledge transfer and be the main contact person for Brightgrove’s team.

Responsibilities and Skills

  • Design, implement, test a configurable measurement storage service with persistent data storage (e.g. database) on an Embedded Linux System
  • Collaborate with the customer and software team to define specifications, features
  • Take responsibility to define all stages of your work with your team and ensure you deliver a tested and testable solution
  • Plan your own work and organize your own tasks
  • 5 years of commercial development experience
  • Advanced skills in programming with C and C++
  • Operating Systems mechanisms (Threads, Processes, Semaphores, Pipes, File I/O, …)
  • Programming on Embedded Systems with Linux Operating System
  • Persistent data storage/databases on Embedded Systems
  • Ability to solve technical problems by yourself
  • Good English communication skills (speaking, writing)
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