Senior FrontEnd Developer for Family Care Marketplace

Location: Remote / Ukraine: Kyiv

About the Client

Our client is the world’s leading marketplace for finding and managing high-quality family care, available in more than 20 countries. The customer`s offer is designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s families and caregivers, offering everything from household tax and payroll services and customized corporate benefits packages covering the care needs of working families to innovating new ways for caregivers to be paid and obtain professional benefits. The main mission is to solve a human challenge we all face: finding great care for the ones we love. Here, applying data analytics, AI, and the latest technologies to solve universal problems and connect people in new ways

About the Project

The project will primarily consist of building out various JavaScript packages for use across front-end web applications as well as the infrastructure required to develop, maintain and publish these packages.
Project Scope
Contribute where needed to support the infrastructure required to manage our monorepo of npm packages. Packages include a React Component Library, utility functions, configurations and other tools. The monorepo is managed using Yarn workspaces and Lerna.
Customize React components provided by Material-UI using CSS and TypeScript. Create custom, reusable React components using Material-UI’s styling solution and our custom theme. Integrate components with Storybook for development and discovery. Write unit tests using Jest.
Potential project work may also include using the packages mentioned above in the context of React applications leveraging Next.js and Apollo Client to interact with our GraphQL API.

About the Team

We’re seeking highly motivated Software Engineers to join the Agile team as we build out a technology platform. We value efficiency and clear/concise communication (we use Slack for day-to-day communications).

We are looking to grow our team by 100 talented engineers this year.

Responsibilities and Skills


You will be responsible for writing Microfrontend apps (MFA) in using ReactJS. Our component library is based on MaterialUI (MUI) and is part of our monorepo. MFAs are mounted into a div on the server-side or are standalone apps using Next.js. Communication with the backend goes through GraphQL.

  • React
  • Material-UI
  • Node.js / TypeScript
  • Next.js
  • Apollo Client
  • JSS
  • Storybook
  • Yarn
  • Webpack
  • Jest
  • Level of English – Upper-Intermediate

Full overlap on skill set is not required, but the more the better

Candidates should have significant work experience and be able to work well independently and with a team, including communicating with designers and product managers

While full-stack knowledge is good, we really want to see candidates passionate about front-end web development.

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