Senior FrontEnd Developer for International E-commerce and Marketing Company

Location: Ukraine: Kharkiv / Ukraine: Kyiv

About the Client

Our customer is a Munich-based leading European Commerce Content platform focusing on the delivery of consumer rewards, cashback, savings opportunities, and shopping content.
It is an international e-commerce and marketing company. By assisting millions of consumers to make smarter purchasing decisions, they enable their partners to reach high-intent users at scale in 20+ markets around the world. They operate 100+ digital assets with the world’s leading publishers, helping them to monetize on their digital platforms.

About the Project

The project is a free Browser Extension that saves you time and money when shopping online. Our awesome technology recognizes the website (more than 3000 UK e-commerce sites) that you are on, and then simply displays all the best available voucher codes for that store. This allows you to enjoy a seamless shopping experience where you can access the best discounts without ever leaving the website.
Founded in 2016, our tool is available for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox, and can be downloaded for free in just two clicks.

About the Team

The development team is distributed.
On the Ukrainian side, it consists of a 3 FrontEnd engineer.
The team on the customer’s side: 5 Developers, 1 Product Manager, 1 UX Designer, 1 Visual Designer. You will be working with Developers, Marketing, Business Developers, and CRM Professionals very closely.

Responsibilities and Skills

  • Take ownership of an internal project, and lead it
  • Have good fundamentals in terms of software engineering
  • Have a deep understanding of Javascript
  • Be able to develop highly maintainable code
  • Good knowledge of existing JS frameworks, both frontend and backend
  • Be able to help architecting web systems
  • Be comfortable switching between infrastructure management & development implementation
  • Tutor more junior devs
  • Be a great communicator, both towards the internal team and also towards the external stakeholders.
  • Have exposure to other languages like Java, PHP, Python
  • Strong Software engineering mentality
  • Knowing what Design Patterns are:
    – algorithms
    – data structures
    – clean code
    – unit-testing
  • Strong JS developer
  • Deep JS knowledge
  • Deep knowledge of at least one big frontend framework like Angular, React
  • Deep knowledge of at least one big backend framework like NextJS, NestJS, Svelte. Express could also be an option in certain cases.
  • Good communicator (in English)
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