Senior FullStack PHP Software Engineer for E-Commerce (Retail)

Location: Ukraine: Kyiv

About the Client

A German Retail/E-Commerce company that is going to become the #1 distributor of racking systems online in Europe. They grow fast and the client has big plans for the future. The company wants to implement many projects on its website. They have 5000 users a day (B2B only) and a list of 75.000 articles in their shop system which grows rapidly.

About the Project

We are looking for a Senior FullStack PHP Developer who will be ready to analyze the existing project (webshop), how the current OXID system works and prepares recommendations on how to grow and extend the project in the future to help the company with all the projects.

The following info may be interesting for the candidate:

  • Working with a highly motivated, international team (the current dev, designer(s), and project management)
  • Insights on how a rapidly growing company (with start-up character) works
  • Insights on how to deal with a lot of different input and how to consider high flexibility (agile project management combined with daily business)

About the Team

The development team is distributed. On the Ukraine side, it consists of 2 FullStack PHP and 2 FE/markup engineers – senior and focused on the project with in-depth knowledge. Current developers will onboard the new developer. Product Owners and a few technical team members are in Germany on the client’s side.


The project is based & depending on how well the onboarding process into our current OXID system works. Communication probably daily / 2-day-rhythm for projects, daily for daily business. There might be a time where we call 5 times a day as well as times where we don’t ask about the current state of the project for a week.

Responsibilities and Skills

  • Implementing features into/for our current OXID system – the complete bandwidth of possible todos in running a webshop will apply
  • PHP5 / PHP7 developing skills
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Previous experience in customizing webshops
  • Motivation to learn about OXID webshop integrations in order to help us customize our current system middle-term
  • Technical and strategic capability to handle bigger projects (switching webshop to another platform, 3d configurator)
  • Intermediate English (both written and spoken)

Nice to have skills:

  • Javascript
  • Technical SEO
  • Web design
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