Senior Ruby Developer for Online Education Platform

Location: Remote / Ukraine: Kharkiv / Ukraine: Kyiv

About the Client

The client is Germany’s biggest and most prominent online driving school chain. They aim to digitalize the driving education process and create transparency and efficiency for students and create an app for instructors to support their daily tasks.

The main goal is to provide high quality theoretical and practical education for students with minimal efforts in communication between driving schools, driving instructors and students. At this moment the client has 6 schools in west part of Germany.

About the Project

The technical landscape consists of several applications:

  • Our company backbone (ERP) written in Ruby/Rails
  • Mobile apps for our students and instructors built using React JS/React Native
  • Several microservices responsible for controlling our customer’s education process and feeding our apps with data, written in
  • Ruby/Rails and PHP Symfony, communicating mostly over REST API’s
  • Experience working with microservices
  • Rabbitmq

We already support the primary education process for passenger cars. But there is much more to build: education process for motorcycles and busses/trucks, training courses for new instructors, resource planning for cars/motorcycles/trailers, e-learning for students, and much, much more.

About the Team

Our team works entirely remotely. We are scattered across Europe (mainly in Ukraine and Romania) and use Slack to interact. We follow Scrum methodology with 2-week sprints. Each team member can easily communicate with his own expertise area manager directly. Product owner and managers are located in Berlin and Cologne (Germany).

We have very experienced team members. Regardless of that, we want to learn from you, and you can learn a great deal from us.

Responsibilities and Skills


The most exciting and most challenging part is still ahead of us. As we are still a startup, we are still building toward our ultimate vision and still making our technical infrastructure and development processes. Planned upcoming technologies include:

  • Event-based communication between the services
  • More real-time communication
  • Artificial Intelligence to shorten the e-learning process

That is the point you come in. You will be one of a handful of engineers with a hand in charting the course!

  • At least 5 years of professional experience with Ruby/Rails
  • Confidence in developing distributed systems
  • TDD/BDD should also sound familiar to you
  • Willingness to work very closely both in terms of technology and product
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