Technical Sourcer at Brightgrove

Location: Belarus: Minsk / Ukraine: Kharkiv / Ukraine: Kyiv

About the Client

We are a bright IT services company with locations in the US, Germany, Ukraine and Belarus. We’ve grown from 3 people to 404 mature pros since 2011 and keep going. We service clients all over Europe and the US in Computer Software, Retail & e-Commerce, Financial Services, Insurance, and Electronics industries. We are among Top 10 “Best IT Employers” among companies with up to 900 employees according to and highly ranked on Clutch by our valued customers.

About the Project

Our goal is to partner with the company in the mutual effort to achieve ambitious goals and take us to the next level. We’ve got experience, we’ve got the training, we’ve got the tools. Our processes are simple, clear and fast. We are working to make approval chains shorter. We are fully armed to make fast quality hires. The range of the tech stacks we work with is diverse. The compensations we are offering are more than attractive. There is no time to get bored, we move too fast for that. We strive to follow the KISS principle in all we do meaning the manual work should be optimised and automated, obstacles should get removed. Doesn’t that excite you? If yes, come join our team.

About the Team

Brightgrove recruiting team plays an important role in the company growth. We dream big and play tough. We are transparent and honest. Our recruiting style is aggressive but intelligent and smart. Our recruiters are clingy in a good sense but at the same time gentle and caring. Time waste is not an option. Even though our work these days is mostly remote, we are still close and friendly. Backup and mutual support is in our blood. Does that sound appealing to you? Come join our team.

Responsibilities and Skills

  • Help to build the sourcing expertise and sourcing process in the team
  • Own the recruitment intake process. Collect all info needed for recruitment initiation.
  • Create massive sourcing strategies aimed to cover as many recruitment sources as possible.
  • Utilize all possible sourcing tools and channels to scrape potential candidates
  • Be sure to serve as primary filter to weed out the best matching candidates, collect all possible contact information
  • Work with recruitment ATS to search and store candidate info
  • Come up and suggest with creative ideas to extend the sourcing reach and coverage
  • Conduct market, skills, salary researches
  • Take responsibility and report progress
  • Analyse sourcing data and improve efficiency
  • Automate recruitment workflow by means of modern tools and techs
  • Show initiative and suggest process improvements
  • Read and learn non-stop and share your knowledge with the team
  • Experiment and research new sourcing tools and techs. Share good findings with the team


  • You’ve been in the corporate and/or agency recruitment business for at least 1 year
  • You are a passionate about technology talent sourcing and this is what you plan to keep doing long term
  • You are a big fan of sourcing and often go extra mile, beyond Linkedin
  • You ideally completed one of the known sourcing courses
  • You know how to build the sourcing process from scratch
  • You know what X-Ray is, you experiment and use browser extensions, plugins, tools and techs to optimise and automate your work
  • You read professional articles, blogs and books
  • You follow at least a few industry influencers
  • Your English level is at least intermediate
  • You are honest, responsible and trustworthy
  • You complete the tasks you commit to on time
  • You are aggressive with competitors and respectful with your teammates
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Oleksandr Reshetnikov